【Author: GuanZhijie.Translation: Keng Chung Kwan】
Guan Gong is a very famous person in China. everybody knows him. He was a real historical person during the final years of East Han Dynasty.
His name is Yu Guan. Born in 160AD. Died on 220AD. A well known military general.
Guan Gong is a trustworthy, straight forward, gentle and courageous person. The Chinese writers adore him. All kinds of written articles praised him.
The emperors of various dynasties respected him. The Han Dynasty granted his title as " Han Shou Ting Hou". The Sung Dynasty granted his title as " Yi Yong Wu An Wang",
The Qing Dynasty granted his title as Zhong Yi Shen Wu Guan Sheng Da Di". The Chinese religions worshiped him. Buddism honored him as " Jia Lan Pu Sha",
Taoism honored him as "Guan Sheng Di Jun: Confusianism honored him as " Wu Sheng Ren". The common people honored him as " Guan Gong" or Guan Lao Ye"
More than five thousand years of Chinese history. Heroes are plentiful like the stars at the sky. But only Guan Gong & Confucius shine like the sun at day & the moon at night.
Guan Gong bless his people and his country. His Shrines are all over the world and his works and beliefs become a very important part of the traditional Chinese values and a very precious
cultural heritage.